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Born: 12/Apr/2010
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Length: 50 cm
Nature: Sweet

Hello and welcome to my web site! Feel free to take a moment (or a few hours) to learn more about me by browsing this website.

Don't worry, I'll ask Mom and Dad to add more photos and interesting stories as our adventure continues =). Please leave me a message in the Guest Book so that I can learn more about YOU too!!!

Did you know... my name was finalized on 17/05/2007, just one day before my brother was born more fun facts
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When I first met my parents on May 16th 2011, I was initially scared. When two strangers are extra nice to know something is fishy. Dad had a funny hair style and mom wore a sweet smile. I looked into their eyes...we all knew that we are going to be one happy family.

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