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19/Feb/2005 [5:00pm]
Dad and Mom meet for the first time. They like each other. Hey within a few days, I can hear them talking about me! They say some gifts are delivered at home and some need to be collected from elsewhere. It does not matter where the gift is delivered, because every gift is packed by God with the same love and affection.

17/May/2007 [8:00pm]
Mom is expecting a baby soon. After several months of debate, dad and mom have finalized two names: Akhil (Complete) & Ankita (Marked by God). Our name has been decided, now they have to wait for a month to know who is coming first.

18/May/2007 [10:59am]
Ha haaa. My brother couldn't wait longer. Now that the name has been decided, he wanted to greet the world. World's greatest brother is born...little does he know that he needs me to become one :)

19/May/2007 [Time Unknown]
Dad and Mom are again talking about me. Mom wants me to be atleast 2-4 years younger to Akhil.

18/May/2008 [11:00am]
Akhil is one year old. My parents register for me at various places. I hear them say that there are many babies in our country who are waiting for mother's love but the number of adoptable babies are very less. Talking about mother's love, you should visit SOS Children's Village. Dad was inspired by their four principles.

My parents visit Karna Prayag and register. They realize that preference is given to childless couples and that they have to wait longer for me. To know more about the adoption process, you can visit CARA's website ( Dad and Mom visit Karna Prayag regularly for the next couple of years.

Dad just returned from a holiday in Malaysia and Phuket. While dad was watching a tamil movie (Paiya) in Santham theatre....I was born. I am almost 3 years younger than Akhil.

Based on some indications given by Karna Prayag, mom has given notice to her office for a one year sabbatical. In a week's time mom will stay at home waiting for me. Mother was turning anxious.

Dad receives a phone call from Karna Prayag and rushes to their office. Mom was planning to go shopping with Devi Mama who had come to India on a business visit. Mom, Devi Mama, Hari Thatha and Akhil also join dad. While the others waited in the car, mom & dad meet me for the first time. They are so happy. Dad had a funny hairstyle and I was more attracted towards him. When two people you meet for the first time, show so much affection on you, what will you do? I start else can I hide my tears of joy?

Last week I did some outing with Devi mama before he left to the US. Dad and mom keep visiting me often but I don't know when they are going to take me home. I overhear them talk about Amavasya, auspicious day, June claims to be a non-believer on such can he allow all this nonsense? I have to wait for another week. Doesn't make a difference, I have already waited for 13 months!

My grandparents, Amma, Appa and Akhil have all come to pick me up from Karna Prayag. They sign some documents. A short drive in the car and I am finally HOME.

- When I grow up, I will continue this journal entry...until then wishing you happiness and God bless.

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